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The review today is coming from the Lay The Best system. The current trend in betting systems seems to be laying tips and this service fits squarely into that bill. However unlike the other systems that I have reviewed already this system does lots of sports not just racing, making it the perfect service for the all-round sports bettor.

lay the best system review

Sports that you will be laying off on include Football, Tennis and Horse Racing to name the main ones. Also every now and again you will be getting lays for American Sports like the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.

Lay the Best sends out two emails per day outlining the tips for the day, these tips are normally sent at midday and 7pm but may be sent out earlier if there are earlier events. In the time I have been with them I have not known them to send out emails past this time.

Now for the clincher, the results of my test of this system:

Number of Lays: 156
Number of Successful Lays: 106
Successful lay %: ~68%
Profit: £3276.43

That’s through the last 2 and a half months laying to make £100 profit every success. The results of my system are slightly different to their official results but not so much that should cause any problem, I put it all down to the odds changing as the event draws nearer

So as you can probably tell this system is going right into my approved section.

horse racing lay selection picking service