Bet Compute - Available on iTunes Now !!!

So another week another betting system.

Betting Scalper is the name of the newest system to hit my inbox. This system is a bit different to the normal things that come out in that this isn’t actually a betting system, it is an arbitrage finder. This means that the software will scan through the bookmakers and locate any possible arbitrage opportunities.

For those that don’t know an arbitrage opportunity is when the odds are such that betting on all outcomes will result in a profit for you. This is achieved by bookmakers having different odds to each other and placing wagers to take advantage of this, and that’s what this software claims to do for you.

I will be buying this software shortly and will update in a few days as to how good it is at locating arbitrage opportunities

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Or if you would like to wait for the results of my review before making any decision then pop your email in the box below to learn when it is available!